As Above, So Below (2014)

There’s a lot you can say about this movie. But one thing you can’t say is it’s not boring. With a fun twist on the “Found Footage” genre, As Above, So Below gives you enough entertainment to forgive a boring beginning and messy third act.

The movie follows a group of explorers going deep into the Paris catacombs looking for the legendary “Philosopher’s Stone.” With a boring set up that all found footage horror movies think they need (Honestly you can skip the first thirty minutes and it won’t hurt your experience of the movie at all), once the team actually gets into the Catacombs, stuff starts to go down. Think The Blair Witch Project meets The Descent. The movie’s use of claustrophobia as well as spiritual horror creates for a fun ride. There’s some actual good ideas in this film that are pretty effective, and while the movie didn’t “scare” me, it did give me enough to keep me interested. Also, if you took AP English Literature, you’ll be happy to find that you’re knowledge of The Divine Comedy will actually come in use for this film, if only to recognize the scattered references the movie offers.

While this movie is “fun,” it still lacks the film making expertise to be considered a “great” horror movie. It’s hard not to see the faults of this movie, from its basic characters to its predictable story, and while you’ll enjoy yourself after the first thirty minutes, it will be hard to leave the movie without it feeling like a shallow experience.

Rating: 4/10

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