The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

There are things that I like about this movie. There are shots in here that are cool. The gore effects are pretty amazing. And having an actual actor playing a cadaver for all of the movie is a pretty nice touch. Unfortunately, all of these things can’t save a movie that’s ultimately just your run of the mill ghost story. There are shiny moments where you can see the director tried to make something more than just your typical jump scare ghost fest, but it’s dragged down by sub-par acting, a predictable plot, and a mountain of horror movie cliches. Honestly, if I were to look at this movie a year from now I would probably forget the title of this movie, just because I’ve seen so many movies like this. As I said, there are some nice touches, but ultimately, this movie is just a very average horror movie that doesn’t really offer anything new.


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