Alex Strangelove (2018)

Just like the uncanny valley, there is a threshold a movie hits where it goes from bad to so good it’s bad. Alex Strangelove does not pass that threshold. Instead, Alex Strangelove feels like it’s trying it’s hardest to be the worst it can be, and any sort of social commentary or LGBTQ+ issues it tries to bring up is drowned in gummy bear throw up.

Alex Strangelove is about a kid in high school coming to terms with his sexuality. He’s dating his dream girl, and they’re like the school’s power couple. The only problem is Alex has trouble expressing himself sexually with his girlfriend. Things take a turn when Alex meets Elliot, a open gay man, at a party. And then things start to add up for Alex as he becomes sexually interested in Elliot.

I think the worst part of this movie is the writing. This is most apparent in the dialogue between Alex and his best friend Dell. I didn’t think a LGBT movie could be so blindly offensive, but Strangelove checks all the boxes. The movie even goes out of its way to be transphobic. The dialogue is crass, and you can tell the screenwriter is going for an “American Pie” vibe, but for a movie that treads on difficult waters by exploring the LGBT community, this vulgarity makes the movie feel like it’s undermining the same thing it’s trying to enlighten us about.

What else can I say? The romance between Alex and Elliot feels forced. The main character’s conflict feels unjustified. And the film offers nothing special in terms of cinematography or even it’s score and soundtrack. I have seen Breaking Glass Pictures films that are better than this.

Rating: 1/10

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